Workpapers Dashboard (main application screen)

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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

A blank Workpapers Dashboard screen appears in the main application, and the client selector at the top-right corner of the screen displays the name of the client that is currently open in a separate Workpapers Dashboard window. Show me.

workpapers dashboard

Additional information

  • The blank Workpapers Dashboard screen is displayed in the main application when the Workpapers Dashboard is open in a separate window. You can move to any client-specific screen in the main application, such as the Enter Trial Balance, Engagement Binder, or Clients screens when the Workpapers Dashboard is open. However, if you open a screen in the main application that is not a client- based screen—for example, a screen that does not contain the client selector, such as the Firm screen—the Workpapers Dashboard automatically closes.
  • The advantage of opening the Workpapers Dashboard in a separate window from the main application is that it provides you with the ability to optimize your workspace in a multi-monitor environment.

    Note: To open a different client's engagement binder in the Workpapers Dashboard, you must return to the main application screen and select that client from the client selector in the top-right corner of the screen. The Workpapers Dashboard is automatically refreshed to display the new client's binder in the Engagement Binder Tree. It is not necessary to close or re-open the Workpapers Dashboard, or update the client data in the main application screen prior the changing the client.

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