Navigating the Workpapers Dashboard

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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

The Workpapers Dashboard in Accounting CS Workpapers enables you to customize the workspace on a per-staff basis. You can arrange portlets that best support your workflow. The application provides the following default views in the Workpapers Dashboard that contain specific portlets, and can be customized as needed.

Tree view

  • Engagement Binders Tree
  • Workpaper Properties

List view

  • Workpapers List
  • Notes
  • Notes List

Workpaper view

  • Engagement Binders Tree
  • Workpaper Preview

Adding portlets

To add portlets to the dashboard, click the Select Portlets link near the top right corner of the screen, or right-click within the dashboard area and choose Select Portlets from the context menu. In the Select Portlets dialog, select the portlets that you want to add and click OK.

You can also add additional views (or tabs) to a dashboard, which provide extra space for portlets. To add a view, click the Add View link near the top right corner of the screen, or right-click within the dashboard area and choose Add View from the context menu. In the Add View dialog, enter a name for the new view and click OK.

Moving portlets

The process of moving portlets around the dashboard can be a bit more complex than resizing them. Not only can you insert portlets between other portlets or along the periphery of the dashboard, but you can also stack portlets on top of each other. You must pay careful attention to the shadow that is created by the portlet you're trying to move.

  1. Click and hold the left mouse button on the title bar of the portlet you want to move.
  2. Drag the portlet in the dashboard until the docking guides appear.

    Dashboard docking guide

  3. While holding the left mouse button, hover the mouse pointer over a point (top, bottom, left, or right) on the docking guide until the a shadow appears in the target position on the dashboard. The shadow in the dashboard will change depending on which quadrant of the docking guide your mouse pointer is hovering over, and it indicates where the portlet is to be dropped — between two portlets, for example, or along the edge of the dashboard.
  4. When the shadow appears in the desired location, release the left mouse button to drop the portlet into place.

As with the process for moving portlets described above, click and drag the title bar of the portlet and position the mouse pointer over the middle section of the docking guide. When you release the mouse button a tabbed view in the target portlet is created.

Dashboard docking guide mid

To undock portlets in a single or multi-monitor environment, click the title bar of the portlet that you want to undock and drag it to another area within a single monitor or another monitor in a multi-monitor environment. Follow the procedures above to re-dock the portlet.

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