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Transaction templates contain information that the application can recall and automatically enter in new transactions that are created from the template. This saves you time during data entry and helps prevent data-entry errors because some of the information is already entered for you.

The on demand templates that you create in this screen are available for selection in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen for journal entry transactions.

Choose Setup > Transaction Templates.

Tabbed pages in this screen

Template tab

Calculation tab (for automatic journal entry templates only)

Distributions tab

Fields & buttons

The templates list displays information about all templates that are set up for the selected client.

Enter information in the fields that you want Workpapers CS to automatically fill in when creating transactions from this template. The fields in the Transaction Detail section may change based on the subtype you select.

  • Subtype. Select the applicable journal entry subtype.
  • Journal. Select the applicable journal or add one on the fly.
  • Reference. To use the same reference for all transactions created from this template, enter that reference in this field.
  • Description. To use the same description for all transactions created from this template, enter that description in this field.
  • WP reference. Enter a workpaper reference number.
  • Auto-reverse next period. (For Adjusting subtypes) Mark this checkbox to have the application reverse the journal entry when advancing to the next posting period.
  • Difference. (For Other, Reclassifying, and Tax adjustment subtypes) Select the applicable difference type - Permanent or Temporary.
  • Misstatement. (For Potential subtypes) Select the applicable misstatement type - Known classification, Known misstatement, Projected classification, or Projected misstatement.
  • Add button. Click the Add button to create a new transaction template.
  • Delete button. Click the Delete button to remove the selected transaction template from the list.

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