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You can automatically share general client and employee data based on EIN or SSN in many of our CS Professional Suite applications and in Onvio. The data sharing features enable the application to do the following.

Setup details for data sharing

Steps in UltraTax CS

  1. Choose Setup > User Preferences > File Locations tab, click the option for CS Accounting Products, and verify that the file locations are listed correctly for that application.
  2. Verify that the EIN/SSN that is listed in the File > Client Properties dialog is the same as the EIN/SSN in Workpapers CS.
  3. Verify that data sharing features are enabled - that is, that the Allow use of the data sharing feature checkbox has been marked in the Data Sharing tab of the Setup > Office Configuration dialog.
  4. Verify that the entity type for the client is the same in both applications.

Steps in Practice CS

  1. Verify that the setup steps noted in the Steps in Workpapers CS section are complete.
  2. In Practice CS, choose Setup > Firm > Preferences tab and verify that the Integrate this Firm with other solutions is marked.

Sharing client and employee information with Onvio

You must be licensed for Onvio and have Onvio Link installed to be able to share client and employee information between Accounting CS and Onvio. Based on matching EIN/SSN, the client or employee information in Accounting CS is shared with a contact in Onvio. Client and employee data includes the address, phone number, and email.

Steps in Workpapers CS

  1. Verify that the setup steps noted above have been completed in the CS Professional Suite tab of the Setup > File Locations dialog.
  2. Verify that data sharing features are enabled - that is, that the checkbox to disable data sharing has not been marked in the Preferences tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen.

Steps in Onvio Link

  1. Install Onvio Link.
  2. In Onvio Link, enable data sharing and set up the appropriate data locations for Workpapers CS and Onvio.

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Internal notes

Accounting CS requires a FIRM database for integration and data sharing to work with UltraTax CS. The format of the Accounting CS database name must be ACS_<FirmID>_Firm. (For example, ACS_0_Firm, ACS_999_Firm, ACS_798046_Firm_.) Also, integration and data sharing will not work if there are multiple FIRM databases.

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