Firm > Preferences tab

On the Preferences tab you can enable firm security in the application, allow staff members' workstations to remember their login information, select fields that require data entry confirmation, disable Event Tracking, and more.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Firm and then click the Preferences tab.

Fields & buttons

  • Enable firm security. Mark this checkbox to require passwords when a firm database is opened. Otherwise, firm staff can launch and access all areas in the application without using a password.

    Note: After enabling firm security, you must exit the application and then reopen it for the new setting to take effect.

  • Enable Remember login information. Mark this checkbox to display the Remember login information checkbox in the login screen. This provides staff with the option to log in from their own computers without re-entering their user ID and password each time they attempt to log in. Leave the checkbox cleared to require staff to log in each time they open the application. (To make the login screen reappear for staff, clear this checkbox or just choose File > Reset Remember Login.)

Select fields that require confirmation. To specify that a data entry confirmation prompt be displayed when changes are made to certain types of fields within the application, click the Ellipsis button button. In the Data Entry Confirmation Entries dialog, mark the checkbox for each field that requires re-entry for data confirmation, and then click OK.

The application's Event tracking features are enabled as the default setting to monitor specific activities that affect your firm database, which are recorded in the Events tab of the Firm screen. Mark the Disable event tracking checkbox to discontinue event monitoring.

Data sharing is enabled by default with other applications in the CS Professional Suite.

  • Enable data sharing. Mark this checkbox to show the Data Sharing Data sharing button toolbar button and enable data sharing for the application.
  • Synchronize pending updates upon opening the application. Mark this checkbox to allow the application to check for data sharing updates for all clients while the application is opening.
  • Organize by category. Documents that are sent to FileCabinet CS (v.2012.1.0 or higher) are organized by category. For details, see Organizing FileCabinet CS documents by category.
  • Print Engagement binder folders structure. Mark this checkbox to create the folder structure and folder contents as separate elements. When this checkbox is cleared, a single PDF to of the engagement binder is created. (Note that printing individual workpapers to FileCabinet CS is not affected by this setting).
  • Source Document Processing. Click the Ellipsis button button to open the Source Document sort options dialog and change the default order in which source documents are organized in the engagement binder. You can also specify which folder documents are organized when they are retrieved from Source Document Processing.
    • Group brokerage forms. Mark this checkbox to organize brokerage forms within a single file in the engagement binder after Source Document Processing is complete. When this checkbox is cleared, each page of the brokerage form is organized as a separate document after Source Document Processing is complete.


      • When the Group brokerage forms checkbox is marked, some features of Source Document Processing are not available. For example, documents are not automatically returned to the engagement binder.
      • This option is not available in the application if you are working in Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS).
    • Group K-1s. Mark this checkbox to organize Schedule K-1 (1065) forms and additional pages in the tax engagement within a single file in the engagement binder after Source Document Processing is complete. When this checkbox is cleared, Schedule K-1 forms in the tax engagement that are organized after Source Document Processing is complete are created and organized based on the form type of each page.
    • Automatically sort Tax Organizer. Mark this checkbox to create single-page PDFs during Source Document Processing and to automatically organize the PDFs into folders based on what is mapped in the grid. Leave the checkbox cleared (default) to create a single PDF that contains all of the items from the tax organizer in the binder's folder location that is mapped in the grid. Items in the grid cannot be modified when the checkbox is cleared.
  • Open PDF workpapers in native PDF application. Mark this checkbox to open PDF workpapers in a native PDF application (for example, Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat) rather than in this application's own PDF editor.

    Note: This option is unavailable in the Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service (SaaS) environments.

  • Automatically protect workpaper upon signoff. Mark this checkbox and select a signoff type to apply the status of protected when the same signoff type is applied to workpapers in the engagement binder.


    • The status of Protected is applied only to those workpapers that are assigned the signoff type after a selection is made. The status of workpapers with the same signoff type that were applied prior to the selection remains unchanged.
    • If the signoff type preference is changed, the status of Protected is retained for workpapers that were assigned the prior signoff type.

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