Getting Started with Workpapers CS

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This getting started topic presents an outline of the steps to follow to set up engagement staff and engagement client data to begin using Workpapers CS. We recommend setting up your staff and engagement data in the order listed below.

If you are converting information from Creative Solutions Accounting, please refer to the steps in Converting client data from Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA).

When you log in to the application for the first time, use the ADMIN user ID and leave the password blank.

Thomson Reuters ID setup

Before your staff can begin using Workpapers CS in your firm, you must set up Thomson Reuters IDs for each staff member who will use the application. The CS Professional Suite application security overview topic explains the security measures we have taken to ensure that your clients' information is protected.

When you open Workpapers CS, the CS Professional Suite login screen will open. Use your Thomson Reuters ID and password to log in. See Signing in to Workpapers CS for details.

Firm information setup

The first step in setting up your Workpapers CS application is to enable security for your firm from the Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Preferences tab. This one-time step enables you to set up security groups and privileges for staff members who will access the engagement binders on a regular basis. Also, use the Firm screen to enter information about your firm and to set up items your firm uses in processing engagement data for your clients.

Staff information setup

After you enter information about your firm, you can enter information about each of your firm's staff who will use Workpapers CS. You can also set options to make the application efficient and easy for your staff to use. The Staff setup overview topic provides a step-by-step list of procedures for setting up your staff information.

Client information setup

Before you can start processing engagement data for your clients, you must first set up client records with the Workpapers service enabled and define the information you will be tracking and processing for your client. The Client setup overview topic provides a step-by-step list of procedures for setting up your client information.

Additional features setup

Although not required, there are a number of features available in the application to help optimize the processing of client data.

  • Custom fields (fields used by your firm for tracking information that is not tracked in the application's default configuration)
  • Data-entry confirmation (method for validating the data entered in specified fields)
  • Event tracking (method for monitoring all activities that occur within the firm database)

Engagement setup

As a staff-in-charge, you must complete the following setup steps before engagement processing can begin.

1040 tax engagement setup

Use the following steps to setup a 1040 tax engagement in Workpapers CS.

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