QuickBooks Online - Manage Data dialog

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Use the QuickBooks Online - Manage Data dialog to map the client's QuickBooks Online data to Workpapers CS data.

You can open this dialog from within the QuickBooks Online Import dialog using either of the following methods.

  • Click the Manage Data button to review or change previously mapped items without importing data from QuickBooks Online.
  • Click the Retrieve Data button to map items after Workpapers CS retrieves data from QuickBooks Online but before it imports the data.

Note: If you find that you need to re-import certain data that you previously imported, Workpapers CS allows you to do that. You must first delete the affected imported transactions from Workpapers CS and then re-import the transactions using the same date range as before. Workpapers CS will import only new or changed transactions within the previously used date range.

Tabbed pages in this dialog

The grid in this tabbed page lists all QuickBooks GL accounts that are available for import. If a QuickBooks account matches an existing Workpapers CS account, the application automatically maps those accounts together. However, you can map it to a different account if necessary.

Map all remaining QuickBooks GL accounts that will be included in the import. Note that if you are importing any transactions that use a QuickBooks GL account, you must either map that account to an existing Workpapers CS GL account, or you must add the QuickBooks account as is.

Fields & buttons

Click the Clear Mapping button to clear all mapping, both automatic and manual, in the active tab.

Mark this checkbox to display all items that are available for import in the active tab. Clear the checkbox to display only the items that require you to manually map them.

Select the default Workpapers CS mapping option for any items that have not been mapped. The application automatically selects that option in the Workpapers CS mapping column.

  • Add as is. The application adds the QuickBooks item to Workpapers CS using the QuickBooks name/description/ID.
  • Do not import. The application will not import the QuickBooks item to Workpapers CS.
  • Blank. The application leaves the mapping column blank, requiring you to manually map those items.

If Workpapers CS detects any errors in the mapping in the active tab, it displays the total number of errors found. Click the navigation buttons to scroll through the errors (highlighted in red or identified by the error Import mapping error icon) and address them as appropriate.

Click the OK button to save the mapping . If you retrieved transactions from QuickBooks Online and completed the mapping of all applicable data, the import process will begin. All items must be mapped before the import can proceed. If any items have not been mapped, Workpapers CS will flag those items and include them in the error count in the Error navigation section.

Click the Cancel button to close the QuickBooks Online - Manage Data dialog without saving any mapping that you completed during this session or importing any data. If you saved any mapping at an earlier point, the application retains those mappings.

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