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Report options allow you to control certain aspects of report output. The options vary based on the report that you select to print or preview in the Report Designer and apply to that report only. Also, some of the options that are displayed are determined by filtering selections and other items that are selected in the Report tab of the File > Page Setup dialog in the Report Designer.

In the Report Designer choose File > Print to open the Options dialog or press Ctrl+P.

Fields & buttons

Displays the name of the report.

Use the client fields to select a single client, multiple clients, a range of client IDs, or a range of client names for which to print this report. For firm reports, the client selection does not apply, and the fields are not available.

Select a date or range of dates from the drop-down list(s).

Select optional regions and/or sections to include or exclude.

Select a journal entry format for the report.

Select the filtering and sorting criteria to apply to this report. For details about how to filter and sort reports, see Filtering and sorting reports.

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