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Seamless integration between Workpapers CS and Checkpoint Tools for PPC enables you to launch and add multiple workpapers to the engagement binder from Checkpoint Tools for PPC.

  1. In the Engagement Binders Tree portlet, open the Add Workpaper Wizard by right clicking an engagement binder briefcase, folder, or workpaper, and choosing Add Workpaper, or by clicking the Add Workpaper Add workpaper icon icon at the top of the Engagement Binders Tree portlet.
  2. In the Workpaper Type screen of the Add Workpaper Wizard, select Checkpoint Tools for PPC from the Source drop-down list, and click Next to launch Checkpoint Tools for PPC.
  3. Double-click the workpaper in the tree view of Checkpoint Tools for PPC to launch the Workpaper Properties screen in the Add Workpaper wizard. Edit the information in the Workpapers grid as needed and click Finish to insert the workpaper into the engagement binder.


  • Variables such as [client name] are not updated in PPC Checkpoint Tools workpapers that are added to the Engagement Binder in Workpapers CS. You can delete the existing variable text and replace it via the Workpapers CS add-in ribbon in Microsoft Excel or Word.
  • You must be licensed for and have Checkpoint Tools for PPC installed on your local machine even if you are using Workpapers CS via a networked environment. This does not apply if Checkpoint Tools for PPC is part of the purchased bundle you are using via Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • To add multiple workpapers into the engagement binder, press the CTRL + Shift keys on your keyboard to select several PPC workpapers, and then click the Open document ppc-open-checkpoint-tools button on the toolbar of the Checkpoint Tools for PPC screen.

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