Desktop setup troubleshooting

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This article applies to UltraTax CS, Fixed Assets CS, and FileCabinet CS.


Windows cannot find desktop_ut.msi or Windows cannot find desktop_fa.msi

Desktop setup needs to be performed over and over

If the desktop setup finishes successfully, but you get repeated prompts to run it again, see Desktop setup or workstation setup loop.

Desktop setup won't run or any other problems

  1. Reboot your workstation.
  2. Right-click the setup.exe file and choose Run as administrator. If you don't see that option:
    1. Choose Properties from the right-click menu instead.
    2. Click the Compatibility tab.
    3. In Settings section, mark the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
    4. Click OK.
  3. Log-on as the ADMIN or a user with administrative rights. You can also try using the Hidden Administrator account. For instructions on using the Hidden Administrator account, see the Permissions guidelines for the CS Professional Suite.
  4. Create antivirus exceptions. Do not temporarily disable your antivirus as a workaround.
  5. Create firewall exceptions. Do not temporarily disable your firewall as a workaround.
  6. Set Windows permissions.
  7. For terminal server installations, review the Terminal server best practices for CS Professional Suite applications.

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