Annotation toolbar

Alerts and notices

Use the Annotation toolbar to quickly turn annotations on and off or to switch between different annotation types. You can use the annotation toolbar as a floating toolbar, or you can dock the toolbar at the top or bottom of the FileCabinet CS window.

To open the Annotation toolbar, choose Edit > Annotations > Annotation Toolbar or right-click in the Watch window and choose Annotation toolbar. You can close the toolbar by choosing this command again.

Fields & buttons

Show annotations button Show annotations button: Click this button to show annotations. Click it again to hide annotations.
Highlighter annotation button Highlighter: Click this button to create a highlighter annotation.
Typed text annotation button Typed Text: Click this button to create a typed text annotation.
Audio annotation button Audio: Click this button to create an audio annotation.
Image annotation button Image: Click this button to create an image annotation.
Pencil annotation button Pencil: Click this button to create a pencil annotation.
Tickmark annotation button Tickmark: Click this button to create a tickmark annotation.
Stamp library button Stamp library: Click this button to open the Stamp Library. Click the adjacent arrow to add a stamp from the library to the current document.
Cut annotation button Cut: Click this button to cut the current annotation.
Copy annotation button Copy: Click this button to copy the current annotation.
Paste annotation button Paste: Click this button to paste the annotation to the document.
Delete annotation button Delete: Click this button to delete the current annotation.
Annotation properties button Annotation properties: Click this button to view or edit properties for the selected annotation. If an annotation is not selected, the Default Annotation Properties dialog is displayed.
Continuous button

Continuous mode: Click this button to continue to use the current annotation type without selecting it for each additional placement. To turn off continuous mode, click this button again or press the ESC key.

Note: To use continuous mode with items that you add from the Stamp Library, click the arrow next to the Stamp Library button and choose Continuous Mode.

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