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Installing and maintaining your application Details

Includes system requirements, installation instructions for all environments, installing licenses, downloading and applying updates via CS Connect

Setting up and exploring your application Details

Includes adding data locations; creating a folder structure; configuring your scanner; setting user preferences; enabling advanced security; configuring the application for use with NetClient CS portals; using the toolbar, menu commands, and keyboard shortcuts

Maintaining folders and drawers Details

Includes adding and deleting drawers, folders, and subfolders; populating drawers; date-specific folders; viewing folder and drawer statistics; backing up, restoring, merging, and compacting drawer data; copying drawers; drawer notes; adding passwords; drawer families; usage reports

Storing documents and images Details

Includes dragging and dropping files into FileCabinet CS; printing to FileCabinet CS from other applications; scanning documents; storing images in groups; viewing, rotating, copying, and moving images

Backing up data from other applications Details

Includes configuring automatic backups for UltraTax CS, Fixed Assets CS, and Planner CS

Source Document Processing Details

Includes improving scan quality for OCR; labeling, sorting, and extracting tax-source document data

Editing documents Details

Includes adding, editing, and managing annotations; using the Stamp Library; using the Annotation toolbar; hiding and displaying annotations; managing page notes; embedding objects from Word, Excel, Outlook, and other applications

Sending documents to clients Details

Includes sending documents to NetClient CS portals, emailing documents, maintaining email signatures, sending documents to a file, managing banner pages

Archiving Details

Includes archiving documents, deleting archives, assigning passwords to archives, viewing archived documents, restoring archived documents

Troubleshooting Details

Includes receiving errors when opening or using your application, application crashing, freezing, releasing user and drawer locks, troubleshooting CS Connect issues, rebuilding folder links, compacting drawers, repairing the family list, limiting the size of the Event History

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