Annotation Stamp Library dialog

Alerts and notices

Use this dialog to edit stamp names or to delete annotations from the Stamp Library.

You can store frequently used annotations, such as signatures, in the Annotation Stamp Library by right-clicking the annotation and choosing Send to Stamp Library.

To open this dialog, choose Edit > Annotations > Stamp library > Open library. You can also right-click the document to be annotated and choose Stamp Library > Open Library from the context menu, or you can click the Stamp toolbar button in the Annotations toolbar. If the Annotation toolbar is not visible, right-click in the Watch window and choose Annotation Toolbar from the context menu.



Fields & buttons

Displays all annotations in the Stamp Annotation Library.

Click this button to edit the name of the selected annotation.

Click this button to accept changes you made to a stamp annotation's name.

Use this field to edit the name of the selected stamp annotation. Click the Edit button to open this field. Click the Enter button to accept the your changes.

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