Audio Annotation Properties tab

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Use this tab to change the properties for audio annotations.

Note: This tab appears on the Current Annotation Properties dialog and the Default Annotation Properties dialog.

Current Annotation Properties dialog

Use this dialog to change the selected annotation's properties, such as the sample rate for an audio annotation, prior to recording. You can also use this dialog to change the default audio annotation properties.

Note: You cannot change channel, bit per sample, or sample rate settings for audio annotations after they have been recorded.

To open this dialog, select an annotation, right-click, and choose Current Annotation Properties from the context menu.

Default Annotation Properties dialog

Use this dialog to set default properties for all annotations of this type.

To open this dialog, right-click a document in an area without annotations and choose Default Annotation Properties from the context menu.

Fields & buttons

Click the Mono or Stereo option. Note that clicking the Stereo option increases the file size of the annotation.

Click the 8 bit or 16 bit option. 16-bit annotations are higher in quality, but also result in larger files.

Choose the desired sample rate. Higher numbers result in better quality, but also increase the file size.

Mark this checkbox to make annotations transparent.

Mark this checkbox to use an annotation type without having to select it for each additional placement.

Click this button to save the current settings as default settings.

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