Restoring archived documents

When you restore archived documents, FileCabinet CS does not delete the volume or the archive information. For information on deleting the volume icons and history for an archive, see Deleting archive information.

  1. Choose File > Archive.
  2. Click the Restore archive option and then click the Continue button. FileCabinet CS gathers the archive information for all drawers.

    Note: This process could take several minutes.

  3. Highlight the archive you want to restore in the left pane and then click the Select button.

    Note: If you do not see the archive listed, change the archive data location in the lower left corner of the Restore Archive screen.  To find the location of an archive, select the drawer then click on Volume.  Select the volume and under Archive information look for the path created.  

  4. Mark the Automatically create folders checkbox if you want FileCabinet CS to create folders for the documents you are restoring.
  5. Click the Restore button.
  6. Click the Yes button to continue restoring the archives.
  7. If FileCabinet CS finds a duplicate item in the restore location, choose the appropriate option.
  8. Click OK.

Note: When restoring drawers that are password protected, you will be prompted to enter the password if it has changed or has been removed since the drawer was archived.

Documents that were not archived are not affected when you restore an archive.

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