Viewing archived documents

  1. In the Folders window, open the drawer that contains the archives you want to view and click the Volume icon.
  2. In the Watch window, double-click the icon for the volume you want to access.
    • If FileCabinet CS finds the volume, you can click the Volume icon in the Folders window to access the documents.
    • If the volume is on a CD or DVD and the disk is not in the appropriate drive, you will be prompted to insert the disk, after which the documents will be accessible via the Volume icon in the Folders window.
    • If FileCabinet CS doesn't find the volume, you will be prompted to enter the volume's location.


  • Embedded objects that reside in an archive volume can be opened for editing within the source application. If you make changes to an embedded object that resides in a volume, you are prompted to save a copy of the file in another location when you close the object.
  • The archived documents remain accessible via the Volume icon for the duration of the current session of FileCabinet CS.

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