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FileCabinet CS enables you to create multiple data locations to help organize your data. These data locations can use either the default standard file format, or a Microsoft SQL server for the storage format. You can also specify separate data locations for your firm information and your client information.


The following are examples of data locations where your firm information and your client information is contained (where X is the drive where FileCabinet CS is installed).

  • X:\wincsi\fcabdata\firm
  • X:\wincsi\fcabdata\clients

Standard file format data locations

  1. Create a folder in a location for the data to be stored.
  2. In FileCabinet CS, choose Setup > System Configuration.
  3. In the Data Locations tab, click the Add/Modify Data Location button.
  4. Select Standard format, and then click Next.
  5. Click the Enter Path button.
  6. Browse to the location that you created in Step 1, and click OK.
  7. Enter an alias for the data location in the Enter a description for this data location field.
  8. Click OK. (The new location is displayed in the Data Locations list.)


  • When you choose to populate FileCabinet CS from other CS Professional Suite products, you can choose the data location for the specified application that you want to populate.

  • When you have multiple data locations set up, you can select a different data path from the drop-down list above the List of Drawers.

SQL database format data locations

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  2. In the Data Locations tab, click the Add/Modify Data Locations button.
  3. Select Database format option, and then click Next.
  4. Select your SQL server instance from the first drop-down list.

    If you do not see any servers listed here, perform the FileCabinet CS SQL setup.

  5. Enter a name for the database in the second field.
  6. Enter an alias for the data location in the third field.

    Note: After adding the data location you can mark the checkbox to open the Copy Drawers dialog to easily transfer existing drawers to your new location.

  7. Click OK. The new location is now displayed in the Data Locations list.

Virtual Office and SaaS Data Locations

By default, data for all applications that you use in the Virtual Office CS or Software as a Sevice (SaaS) environment is stored on the Y: drive. (For example, FileCabinet CS data is stored in Y:\FcabData.)

To add FileCabinet CS data locations in this environment, please contact Support.

Transferring configurable files

After creating a new database, you can transfer configuration settings such as the document folders and document names list from one data location to another. To transfer configurable files follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  2. In the Data Locations tab, click the Transfer Configurable Files button.
  3. Select your Source location and Destination location.
  4. Select the files you would like to transfer.
  5. Click the Transfer button.

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