Compacting or shrinking a SQL data location

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The compact feature within FileCabinet CS is not available for SQL data locations and you cannot reduce the size of SQL databases by simply removing data.

Due to the complexity of Microsoft SQL Server and the hardware resources needed for optimum performance with it, we recommend that firms using SQL-based CS Professional Suite applications retain the services of a qualified IT professional who is proficient in SQL. Because of potential differences among firms in their specific SQL Server environments and other hosted databases, you should consult with your firm's own qualified IT professional when implementing, configuring, and maintaining your SQL databases; doing so is imperative to ensuring your firm's standards of software performance, stability, and data integrity.

SQL data locations do not automatically compact or shrink. Instead of compacting a database to conserve space, SQL will reuse space. When numerous documents have been deleted or archived, etc., the database does not shrink, but that space will be used by new documents that are subsequently added to the database. The database will not expand until this reclaimed space is filled.

A qualified SQL technician can perform a shrink on the database(s) using SQL Management Studio. An alternative to performing a shrink on the database in Management Studio would be to create a new database within FileCabinet CS. A new SQL data location can be added under Setup > System Configuration > Data Locations with a unique database name. Then go to File > Copy Drawers to copy the data from the current SQL data location to the new database. During this process, the new SQL database will grow to accommodate the data being copied into it. The result will be a smaller database file than the original. Once you verify the data in this new location has copied successfully, you can delete the original SQL data location. It is highly recommended to make a backup of the data location before attempting this process. Be aware that the process of copying all drawer data to a new SQL database will likely be very time consuming.

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