Renaming a data location

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Follow these steps to rename a data location in FileCabinet CS.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration, and click the Data Locations tab.
  2. Highlight the data location in the list that you want to rename.
  3. Click the Add/Modify Data Location button.
  4. In the Data Location Format dialog, click Next (the Standard format option is selected by default).
  5. In the Add Data Location dialog, choose the appropriate data location from drop-down list in the Enter the path of FileCabinet CS data location field.
  6. Update the text in the Enter an alias for this data location field as needed, and click OK.
  7. Click OK again to close the System Configuration dialog.

Resetting data locations to default

FileCabinet CS stores data location paths in the ZFCPATHS.DAT file in X:\WinCSI\FcabSys (where X is the drive FileCabinet CS is installed). You may need to rename the ZFCSPATHS.DAT file if you receive a message that indicates the data location is unavailable even when the data location is mapped and accessible from your workstation.

Renaming the ZFCSPATHS.DAT file removes all but the default data locations that have been set up in the System Configuration dialog. No data is removed, but you are required to re-add any additional data locations that have been set up.

Use the following steps to reset your FileCabinet CS data locations.

  1. Close FileCabinet CS on all workstations.
  2. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\FcabSys (where X is the drive FileCabinet CS is installed).
  3. Rename the ZFCPATHS.DAT file to ZFCPATHS.DAT.old
  4. Re-open FileCabinet CS.
  5. Choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Data Locations tab. The alias should now display as "<default>" and the data location path will be set back to the original installation location.

    Note: If this path is incorrect and you can open FileCabinet CS, click the Add/Modify Data Location button to add the correct data location.

  6. If you are still receiving an error message from a workstation, open FileCabinet CS from the server where it is installed. If you are able to open FileCabinet CS, add a data location, and then try to open FileCabinet CS from the workstation again.

If you're still receiving errors after following these steps, verify that the workstation has the correct permissions and drive mappings.

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Internal only

If still getting errors, you may need to receive the CURRENT USER and LOCAL MACHINE registry entries associated with [[prod-name]] on the machine on which the error is happening.