Copying, moving, and deleting multiple documents from FileCabinet CS

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To copy, move, or delete multiple documents in FileCabinet CS follow these steps.

Note: If you are copying and/or moving documents while in the process of merging/combining drawers, you can also merge drawers during the restore process.

  1. In the Folders window, select the drawer that contains the documents you want to copy, move, or delete.
  2. Choose Edit > Manage documents.
  3. In the Manage Documents dialog, choose the action you want to perform from the Action to perform field.
  4. Highlight the documents you want to copy, move, or delete.
  5. Click the Select button to move the highlighted documents to the right pane.
  6. If copying or moving documents, select the destination drawer and folder associations in the Copy to section of the dialog.


    • When copying documents, you cannot clear the Retain existing folder associations checkbox because, in addition to duplicating chosen documents, the copy feature duplicates existing folder associations. To change folder associations for multiple documents, choose Move documents within or between drawers from the Action to perform drop-down list.
    • Choose <<Select multiple drawers>> from the Copy documents to drawer ID field to open a dialog in which you can select multiple destination drawers for the selected documents.
  7. Click the Copy, Move, or Delete button.

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