Document Properties dialog

Alerts and notices

Use this dialog to change a document’s name in FileCabinet CS, to enter a description for a document, to store documents in one or more folders, and to see who stored a document in FileCabinet CS.

All documents are saved to the location on your computer for the appropriate FileCabinet CS drawer. (The default is X:\WINCSI\FCABDATA, where X is the drive on which you installed FileCabinet CS.) In this dialog, you can choose to save specific documents to additional folders. For example, you may wish to store a client’s prior-year forms in a folder named with that year.


  • To create additional folders, use the Setup > System Configuration > Document Folders tab.
  • To create additional subfolders for this drawer only, right-click an existing folder in the folders block and choose Drawer Subfolders to access the Drawer Subfolder dialog where additional subfolders can be added.

To open this dialog, highlight the document and choose Document Properties from the Edit menu, or right-click the document in the Folders window and choose Document Properties from the context menu.

Fields & buttons

Paper Clip button

Click this button to keep the Document Properties dialog open while you work with documents in FileCabinet CS.

Shows the selected drawer ID.

Shows the selected drawer name.

Shows the name of the selected document. This information is included in a search when the Find command is used. To change the document name, enter the new name in this field and click Close to confirm.

Enter a description of the document, notes related to the document, or keywords (for search purposes) in this field. This information is included in a search when the Find command is used.

Shows all available folders into which you can store the selected document. (To add new folders, choose Setup > System Configuration > Document Folders tab.) Mark the checkbox next to each folder in which you want to store the selected document.


  • Folders used in the current drawer appear at the top of the folder list, followed by a separator line, and then followed by the list of all folders.
  • With the exception of documents printed from other CS Professional Suite applications, separate documents in different folders of the same drawer cannot have the same name.
  • Monthly recurring folders (MM/YYYY) are organized as subfolders grouped by year.

    Monthly recurring folders

  • Subfolders created for this drawer will appear similarly to recurring folders.

Mark this checkbox to designate the current document for source-document processing.

Note: This checkbox appears only when you are viewing the document properties of an image group.

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