Overview of drawer notes

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Use the drawer note feature to enter a note about the current drawer. FileCabinet CS will share note data with UltraTax CS, Fixed Assets CS, and Practice CS. If a TIN is entered in the Drawer Properties dialog (for data sharing purposes), a separate note tab for each application that you have installed appears in the Drawer Notes pane. If no TIN is entered in the Drawer Properties dialog, you will see only the FileCabinet CS tab.

Note: For information on adding notes to individual pages within documents, see Overview of page notes.

To view notes for a drawer, select a drawer from the drawer list. Drawer notes are displayed in the upper right corner of the FileCabinet CS Watch window.

Each tab displays the date and time of the last update to the drawer note and the user ID of the last person who made a change. The tab of the current application appears first.

Adding and editing drawer notes

Click the Add Note button to insert the date, time, and user ID for the new note. To add more notes, it's not necessary to click the Add Note button again. Enter the required text as necessary in the drawer note text area.

To edit a note, click in the Drawer Notes pane and choose Edit > Insert, and then choose Identifier, Date, Date/Time, or User ID.

Viewing drawer note properties

Click the Properties button Properties button shows a hand holding a piece of paper to view the note properties for the current tab. Each time a drawer note is modified, a line is added to the history to indicate the user ID, the application where the change occurred, and the date and time the change was made. Each application tab will contain separate note properties.

Undoing changes to drawer notes

Use the following procedure to undo all changes made to the Drawer Notes pane during the current session. After you move your cursor off the Drawer Notes pane, changes to the notes are saved.

  1. Right-click in the Drawer Notes pane.
  2. Choose Undo from the context menu.

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