Clients missing from the Drawer list

Alerts and notices


In certain instances, you may notice that clients who have previously been entered into FileCabinet CS may be missing from the Drawer list. Possible causes for this include the following.


Complete these solutions in the following order.

Check filtering

Click the Sort/Focus Sort/Focus button button in the Folders Window and see whether any of the Focus drawer list checkboxes are marked.

Re-create the ZFCUMSC.<username> file

  1. Close FileCabinet CS.
  2. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\FcabSys (where X is the drive letter where FileCabinet CS is installed.)
  3. Right-click the ZFCUMSC.<username> file (where <username> corresponds the person experiencing the issue.)
  4. Click Rename and rename the file to ZFCUMSC.old.
  5. Open FileCabinet CS.

Rebuild the Drawer list

Choose Help > Repair > Drawers tab, and click the Rebuild List of Drawers button.

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