FileCabinet CS runtime error

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You may see one or both of these errors when you open FileCabinet CS.

Error messages

Variant-persistent stream - invalid state (run-time) error

Runtime error:Can't open X:\FcabData\$ for read access


These errors can occur when the$ or ZFCUMSC file is corrupted.


Rebuild the list of drawers

Note: If FileCabinet CS is installed on a network, it is recommended to have all other users close FileCabinet CS before rebuilding the list of drawers.

  1. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\FcabData (where X is the drive letter where FileCabinet CS is installed).
  2. Right click the$ file and rename it to CltList.old.
  3. Open FileCabinet CS and choose Help > Repair, and then click Rebuild List of Drawers.

Rename the ZFCUMSC file

If the solution above does not resolve the issue, follow these steps to rename the ZFCUMSC (user preferences) file.

The following procedure resets all user preference settings for this user to the default settings.

  1. Close FileCabinet CS.
  2. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\FcabSys (where X is the drive letter where FileCabinet CS is installed).
  3. Right-click the ZFCUMSC.<username> file (where <username> corresponds to the person experiencing the issue).
  4. Click Rename and rename the file to ZFCUMSC.old.
  5. Open FileCabinet CS.

Note: If you are running FileCabinet CS on Virtual Office CS, you will need to contact our support line at 800.968.0600 and follow the prompts for Virtual Office CS Support. The file will need to be renamed by a Support representative on the server before you can rebuild your list of drawers.

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