Error: The version of CSCABSV.DLL is not compatible with FCAB.EXE

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You may see this error when you attempt to open FileCabinet CS. 

Error message

The version of X:\WinCSI\CABINET\CSCABSV.DLL is not compatible with X:\WinCSI\CABINET\FCAB.EXE (X represents the computer drive where FileCabinet CS is installed.)


The CSCABSV.dll file is not compatible with the current version of the fcab.exefile, which is the executable file for FileCabinet CS. The CSCABSV.dll file controls all integration for FileCabinet CS.


Reinstall FileCabinet CS to update to the most current version available on the Product Downloads page of My Account.

If the step above doesn't resolve the error, try launching FileCabinet CS on the server and install updates.

Note: You can click Yes in the error message to bypass the warning and open FileCabinet CS, but be aware that some functionality may not work properly. When opening FileCabinet CS, the application verifies that the versions of the executable file (FCAB.EXE) and the integration file (CSCABSV.DLL) match.

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