Creating a FileCabinet CS license disk

You can create a disk that contains your FileCabinet CS license information.

Note: Your security configuration may restrict the ability to perform this procedure to those users who know the master password.

  1. Choose Help > Repair and click the License Disk tab.
  2. The default installation location for the FileCabinet CS license disk information appears by default in the Source location section. If necessary, click the button next to this field and navigate to the actual location.
  3. Choose a destination location. The A: drive is chosen by default. If desired, click the button next to the Destination location field and navigate to an alternate location.
  4. Click the Create License Disk button.
  5. Click Done.

Note: To verify that the destination location contains enough free disk space to accommodate the license files, click the Refresh button after you select a location and compare the disk space available to the disk space needed.

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