Event History overview

Alerts and notices

FileCabinet CS automatically logs recent activity of specific events as they occur in the application. When you select a drawer in the Folders window, the Watch window displays the Event History for the drawer.

You cannot delete events, but you can limit the number of entries per drawer in the Event History log.

Events logged automatically

In the following list, <Name> refers to the name of the document, image, image group, or embedded document; <Type> refers to the type of annotation (Highlighter, Typed text, Audio, Image, Pencil, or Tickmark); <Printer> is the name of the printer; <Path> is the backup/restore location; and so on.


  • All items in the Transmission History of the NetClient CS folder are included in the Event History log.
  • If advanced security options are enabled and a user is restricted from accessing a folder, the lines in the Event History for any items in that folder will appear to the user as *** for all columns except the Folder column, which will include folder names. The Event log column will display the message: "Your current security settings do not allow this information to be displayed."