Finding drawers in the Folders window

In the Folders window, drawers are sorted alphabetically by ID or name. To quickly locate folders for a specific drawer:

  1. If your firm uses multiple FileCabinet CS data locations, verify that the correct location appears in the Data Locations field at the top of the Folders window.
  2. Place your cursor in the Drawer ID or name field next to the Go button in the Folders window.
  3. Enter the first few letters of the ID or name for the drawer you are seeking or enter the ID or name in the Drawer ID or name field and click the Go button. The list scrolls to match your entry.

    Tip: After placing your cursor in the Drawer ID or name field, you can scroll through the drawer names for the current file location by using the up or down arrows on your keyboard.

  4. Double-click the drawer ID to view the folders and documents stored in this drawer.


    • If you prefer to find a drawer using the drawer name, you can re-sort the Drawer list.
    • Drawers are first matched by the current drawer list sort method (for example, drawer ID). If no matches are found, FileCabinet CS will then search based on the other sort method (for example, drawer name). If the characters typed match more than one drawer, a list will be displayed allowing you to select the desired drawer.

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