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To minimize the number of folders that are listed in the Folders window, you can hide older documents. Hidden documents are still accessible, but they are stored in a folder labeled "{Hidden documents}." Documents are hidden if the folder's period end date is earlier than the number of months before the current date that you specify in the Hide > Unhide Documents dialog.

To hide documents:

  1. Choose Setup > User Preferences.
  2. On the Drawer List tab, mark the Hide document folders based on period end date checkbox.
  3. In the Hide Documents dialog, choose the number of months or years (based on your choice of how the drawer contents are displayed) from the drop-down list to specify a cutoff point before which documents are to be hidden. Any document folder in the MM/YYYY or YYYY format (and its contents) that has a period date earlier than the cutoff point will be moved to a {Hidden Documents} folder for each drawer.


  • This setting applies to all drawers for the current user.
  • An alternate method of hiding documents is to right-click in the Folders window and choose Hide / Unhide Documents from the context menu. Choose a number of months and click OK.
  • Document folders that begin with dates in the YYYY or MM/YYYY formats are eligible to be hidden. If the format is YYYY, FileCabinet CS treats the date as 12/31/YYYY. Any document folder that is not date specific or has a date that is not in the correct format will not be hidden.
  • Period end dates of folders for CS Professional Suite applications are determined by the source application and cannot be changed. For example, if you have a calendar year-end client in Fixed Assets CS and you print monthly reports to FileCabinet CS, you have folders with period ends of 1/31/YY, 2/28/YY, and so on.

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