FileCabinet CS Display Windows

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FileCabinet CS has two main display windows: the Folders window on the left side of the screen, and the Watch window on the right.

Tip: If the Folders window is not visible, click the List of Drawers button on the left side of the screen to expand it.

Folders window

The Folders window contains a list of drawers that contain documents stored in FileCabinet CS. When you double-click a drawer in the Folders window or click the plus sign to the left of a drawer icon, the folders and/or documents contained in that drawer are shown, bearing either the logo of the originating application, the name of a document folder you created, or other default folders. Double-click any of these folders to show the documents they contain. Click any document to view it in the Watch window on the right. To close a folder, double-click it again.


  • For password-protected drawers, you must enter a password before accessing any documents or information.
  • You can sort and focus the Drawer list to show only drawers and folders of interest in the Folders window.

Watch window

The Watch window shows documents, drawer information, drawer notes, event history, NetClient CS transmission history, or archive information for the selected drawer.

  • If you select a drawer but do not select a document, FileCabinet CS shows drawer notes and the event history for the drawer.
  • When you select a document, that document appears in the Watch window. You can click the Page Notes tab at the bottom of the Watch window to view or add notes for the selected page.
  • When you select a {NetClient CS} folder in the Folders window, FileCabinet CS displays transmission history information.

    Note: The {NetClient CS} folder appears only if you are licensed for NetFirm CS (any module) and the drawer is designated as a contributor to NetStaff CS or NetClient CS.

  • When you select a "Volume" folder for a specific drawer, FileCabinet CS shows information about the archived documents for that drawer.
  • If no drawers are selected, the FileCabinet CS Home Page is displayed.

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