Opening documents or images

In the Folders window, drawers are sorted alphabetically in a list by drawer ID or drawer name. FileCabinet CS enables you to quickly locate folders, documents, and image groups.

  1. Open the drawer in which the document or image is stored.
  2. Double-click an application icon or folder to view the documents, images, and image groups contained in that folder.

    Note: Documents are automatically stored in a folder matching the CS Professional Suite application in which they were created. For example, a client's tax return is stored under the UltraTax CS icon. You can also store documents in additional folders you have specified.

  3. Click the desired document, image, or image group to open it in the Watch window.

Note: If you prefer to find a drawer using the drawer name, you can re-sort the Drawer list by choosing Setup > User Preferences and marking the Present drawers sorted by name checkbox in the Drawer List tab or by clicking the Sort / Focus button and selecting Name in Sort drawer list by options. Then follow the steps above, but enter the first few letters of the drawer name instead of the ID.

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