Add or Edit User dialog

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Use this dialog to add users and assign them to groups or to edit group memberships for users.

This dialog opens when you click the Add User button or the Edit User button in the Users tab of the Setup > System Configuration dialog.

Fields & buttons

If you are adding a user, enter the user ID in this field. When you edit a user, this read-only field displays the user's ID.

Note: You cannot add the same user ID more than once.

Click this option to copy the group membership from a user that you choose from the adjacent drop-down list.

Note: When this option is selected, the checkboxes in the Group list are disabled.

Click this option to manage group membership for the selected user. Mark the checkboxes for the groups to which the user should belong.

Note: Users in the $Unauthorized Users group cannot be members of other groups.

If the Member of option is selected, mark the checkboxes in this list for the groups to which the user should belong.

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