Import Users dialog

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Use this dialog to import user IDs from a domain controller. When you select a domain from the Source field, the users for that domain become available to import into FileCabinet CS.

A computer in your firm that manages user access to the network, including logging on and authentication, and access to the active directory and shared resources.

This dialog opens when you click the Import button in the Users tab of the System Configuration dialog.

Fields & buttons

Choose a source from this field to make users from that domain available to be imported for advanced user/group security.


  • Sources with large groups of users may take several seconds to populate the import list.
  • If the user ID already exists for FileCabinet CS advanced security features, it will not appear in this drop-down list.

Displays a list of all users available for importing.

Shows the users you have selected for importing.

Mark the checkboxes in this list for the groups to which you want the users you selected to belong.

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