Importing a user for advanced user/group security

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Note: Follow this procedure only if you are using advanced security options.

Use this procedure to import users from a domain controller for advanced security options.

A computer in your firm that manages user access to the network, including logging on and authentication, and access to the active directory and shared resources.

Do not attempt to use this feature if you are accessing FileCabinet CS through Virtual Office CS or SaaS environments.

To import users, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Users tab. (If the Users tab is not visible, you must enter the master password.)
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. From the source drop-down list, choose the domain from which you want to import users.
  4. Click the Select All button to select all available users for import, or highlight users individually and click the Select button.
  5. After selecting users for import, mark the checkboxes in the Group list to which you want to assign the imported users.
  6. Click OK to import the selected users.


  • For information about your firm's domain controller, consult your firm's IT professionals.
  • For domain controllers with large numbers of users, the import process may take several minutes.
  • The Import Users feature will not work with non-Windows networks, such as Novell.

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