Setting privileges for advanced user/group security

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Note: Follow this procedure only if you are using advanced security options.

To set advanced security privileges for a group, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Groups tab. (If the Groups tab is not visible, you must enter the master password.)
  2. If no user-defined groups are listed in the Groups list, add a group.
  3. In the Groups list, highlight the group for which you want to modify security privileges.
  4. Click the Edit Group button.
  5. Configure privilege settings by selecting items from the drop-down lists in the Settings column.

    If security options for this group are similar to those for another group, choose the similar group from the Assume privileges of group field and click the Apply button. You can further customize the assumed privileges in the drop-down lists in the Settings column.

  6. Click OK.

Note: For most privileges in the privilege list, you can choose either Allow or Restrict from the drop-down list in the Settings column. For privileges related to specific document folders, you can choose All access, View access, or No access from the drop-down list.

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