Determining if a scanner is TWAIN-Compliant

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Scanning into CS Professional Suite applications requires a TWAIN-compliant scanner. If your imaging device is not being recognized or is experiencing other issues scanning into one of these applications, you can perform a test outside of the CS Professional Suite applications to see if your scanner is TWAIN compliant and the driver is functioning properly.


Not every scan job you perform locally on your machine will utilize the TWAIN driver, we recommend using Twacker, a third-party utility to test the compatibility of your driver. It can be downloaded in the Tools section on External link (What's this?) select the 32 or 64-bit version depending on your computer's operating system.  You can also download Twacker here External link.  

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Using Twacker

  1. Launch Twacker.
  2. Choose File > Select Source and select your device from the list.

    Note: You can try these steps if your device is not listed.

    • Verify your device is on and connected to your workstation.
    • Run Twacker as Administrator.
    • Check to see if the appropriate driver is installed. Contact the device's manufacturer and/or your qualified IT professional for assistance with this.
  3. When your scanner is selected, choose File > Acquire.
  4. In the scanner dialog for your device, select your settings and scan a document.
  5. If the scan completes successfully without errors, the document you scanned appears in the Twacker window, indicating that your device is functioning properly and is TWAIN-compliant.


    • Setting up Twacker to work with CS Professional Suite products does not guarantee that you will be able to scan into non-CS Professional Suite applications.
    • If your scanner does not work with Twacker, it is likely that it will not work with the CS Professional Suite applications. Consider installing the most current TWAIN driver for your scanner model from the manufacturer's website.
    • If you need assistance with that process, or other related steps to resolve any issues with your TWAIN driver(s), contact your device's manufacturer and/or your qualified IT professional.

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Internal only

If you need to install Twacker yourself, or need to send it to the firm rather than having them download from the website. You can download the file and unzip it. Copy and paste the Twack_32.exe file to your Desktop before running it or attaching it to a message.

Note: If sending this file to a user, you may need to rename it first because email will most likely block .exe attachments. You can also utilize the SendThisFile utility or the MKT Secure Data Exchange.