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This dialog opens automatically after you mark the Password protect system generated PDF files checkbox in the Send to Email Recipient dialog or the Send to File Location dialog.


  • You must separately communicate passwords to recipients.
  • Password protection for system-generated PDF files does not include embedded PDF files, which are not system-generated.

Fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox to create PDF files that require your clients to enter passwords to view the files.

Note: If your clients open PDF files through Adobe Acrobat, they will be able to modify the files.

Select this option to have FileCabinet CS automatically assign the drawer's EIN / SSN as the password for viewing or modifying the PDF file.

Select this option to enter a unique password for viewing and modifying PDFs and enter a password in the field. Passwords are limited to 31 characters and are case sensitive. You can assign separate View and Modify passwords.

Re-enter the password in this field to verify the accuracy of your original entry.

Mark this checkbox to create PDF files that require a password from the recipient to modify the files in Adobe Acrobat. When a document has a modify password, only the following actions are allowed before the password is entered.

  • Printing
  • Copying or extracting content
  • Extracting content that is associated with accessibility tools and resources, such as the conversion of PDF content into HTML text for visually impaired users who use audible reading devices.

When this option is selected, FileCabinet CS assigns a random password to protect against modification of the PDF. If a recipient tries to modify the PDF, they will be prompted to enter a password and it is highly unlikely that any recipient would be able to guess the randomly generated password.

When this option is selected, you must enter a password that your client must enter to unlock the PDF for editing in Adobe Acrobat.

Note: In Adobe Acrobat, clients can view or modify PDF files after they enter the modify password.

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