Storing documents, images, and email messages in FileCabinet CS

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The following articles describe different methods that you can use to store your documents, images, and email messages in FileCabinet CS.

File Size: Embedding / Printing / Scanning

As a best practice to plan for efficient use of disk space, we recommend that you consider the method by which to save your data files in FileCabinet CS. 

Data can be stored by embedding objects, printing to FileCabinet CS, or scanning. Each format is different, and the resulting size of the data files will vary.

Note: The size of data files is relative to the size of the document and/or level of detail. File sizes increase with as the these factors increase.


The following table reflects is a sample of a PDF file that was stored in FileCabinet CS as an embedded object, saved as printed item, and as an image group.

Type Size
Embedded PDF 58.88 KB
Printed (Driver) 93.88 KB
Image Group 54.59 KB

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