System Configuration / Source Document Processing (OCR) tab

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Use this tab to perform the following tasks.

  • Configure FileCabinet CS to automatically sequence pages identified during source-document processing.
  • Change the default order of document types that have been identified during source-document processing.

To open this tab, choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Source Document Processing (OCR) tab.

Note: This tab is not available if your security configuration is set to restrict access to the System Configuration dialog and you did not enter the master password in the Security tab.

Fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox to have FileCabinet CS automatically sequence pages identified by source-document processing in the order shown in the source (OCR) tab. If this checkbox is not marked, pages will be listed in the order in which they were scanned into FileCabinet CS.

Shows, by type, all documents and forms that can be identified during the source-document process. Items listed here are shown in the order in which they will appear after being identified by the source-document process.

Up and down arrows

Use these buttons to move the selected item up or down in the Document type list.

Click this button to restore the FileCabinet CS default sequencing of pages identified during source-document processing.

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