Printing FileCabinet CS reports

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FileCabinet CS provides the following reports that detail various drawer and user information.

  1. Drawer Contents report
    This report shows item names, folders associated with listed items, item types (printed document, image, archive, etc), document sizes, the last date each document was modified, and users who last modified documents.
  2. Drawer List report
    This report shows drawer IDs, drawer names, drawer TINs, drawer sizes, document counts, backup counts, archive counts, the last date drawer documents were modified, and users who last modified drawer documents.
  3. User Activity report
    This report shows drawer IDs, drawer names, users, dates/times of events, folders, and event history.

To generate one of these reports, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Print Reports.
  2. Select the report you want to print by clicking the Drawer List, Drawer Contents, or User Activity option.
  3. Choose an item from the Sort field to the right of the selected report option to organize the report according to one of the available criteria.
  4. Click the Continue button and do one of the following, depending on the report type you selected.
    • If you are printing the Drawer List or Drawer Contents report, skip to step 8.
    • If you are printing the User Activity report, continue to step 5.
  5. In the User/Event Selection dialog, enter a user ID or choose a user (or all users) from the User field.
  6. Choose an event option and enter a keyword if desired.

    Note: Enter the keyword in quotes if you want to find only exact matches.

  7. Click the Continue button.
  8. In the Drawer Selection dialog, choose the print destination (printer and/or FileCabinet CS).
  9. Mark the checkboxes for additional print options, such as printing duplex, 2-up, or with alternate line shading.
  10. Highlight the drawers you want to be included in the report and click the Select button to move them to the right pane.


    • If any of the selected drawers are password protected, you will need to enter the password for the drawer to include in the report.
    • If you have assigned statuses to your drawers, you can mark or clear the status checkboxes in the Focus section to focus the Drawer list by status.
  11. Click Print to print the report, click Preview to preview the report on screen, or click To Cabinet if FileCabinet CS was the only destination you selected.

    Note: When reports are printed to FileCabinet CS, they are stored in a folder named FileCabinet CS Reports.

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