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Alerts and notices

This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Important! End of support for Windows 7

In January 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. Because Thomson Reuters cannot support customers using our applications on unsupported operating systems, FileCabinet CS will no longer be supported on Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your workstations to a supported operating system soon. For more information, see End of support for Windows 7 in our Help & How-To Center.

04/28/20 All 2019.1.2 Notice 04/28/20 NOTICE In some instances an error occurs when opening FileCabinet CS: Error C06D007E occurred at address 758122A2 (001212A2 relative) in module C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll

We are aware some users are receiving an error message when trying to open FileCabinet CS. We are actively looking into this with priority.

Error C06D007E occurred at address 758122A2 (001212A2 relative) in module C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll.

03/23/20 All All Verified 03/23/20 N/A Communication & Posting Delay
We are currently experiencing delays with emails and email notifications being sent for CS Professional Suite, Onvio and GoFileRoom AdvanceFlow (including creation of portals, posting documents to portals, and eSigantures). You may see a delay of 4 hours receiving backlogged notifications. We are diligently investigating the issue to have it resolved as quickly as possible.
03/02/20 FileCabinet CS 2019.1.2 Verfied 03/09/20 Investigating Scanning Causing FileCabinet CS To Close Down.
We are aware that some Fujitsu scanner models are causing FileCabinet CS to close down abruptly with no error message. From what has been reported to date, we are seeing that the fi-6130 model is most frequently causing the crashing.
Please check your version of Office to confirm that it is on version, 12430, or an older version. If your version of Office is currently on version 12527 or newer, you can try uninstalling your scanner driver and install the PaperStream version from PaperStream Scanner Driver . As a second workaround, you could scan into your computer and then drag & drop the document into FileCabinet CS. We understand this is a workaround and we are still working on a permanent resolution in the interim.
02/26/20 Platform/Authentication N/A In Progress 03/11/20 In Progress "An Error occurred with your request. Please try again" message when resetting your password
We have identified an issue where resetting your password through the CS Professional Suite software results in the error message "An Error occurred with your request. Please try again". We are working on getting an update pushed out to fix this issue. In the meantime, if you come across this issue, please follow the steps under the section "Updating your Thomson Reuters ID password" in the following Help & How To Center article Password Reset

*UPDATE* The fix for this issue is tentatively scheduled for 03/19/2020

08/22/19 All 2019.1.2 Fixed 03/02/20 Fixed Black Bar When Printing To FileCabinet CS

When printing to FileCabinet CS, you may periodically see a black bar at the bottom of the FileCabinet CS Driver Documents window. We are investigating the issue and working diligently to resolve it.

Workaround In the meantime, you can hover your mouse around the border of the print dialog and resize the window. This process should remove the black bar. If this does not work for you, we have also seen where changing the DPI settings on all monitors will also mitigate this issue.

*RESOLVED*Please update to 2019.1.2 through CS Connect to resolve this issue. If you are still seeing the black bar, please contact support so we may troubleshoot further.

12/11/19 All N/A Resolved 12/12/19 Resolved FileCabinet CS SQL Errors After Updating to 2019 FileCabinet CS
After upgrading to the 2019 FileCabinet CS version, if you are utilizing the SQL Database File Format, you may receive the error "Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique or foreign-key constraints" or "Assertion Failed: Abort=Quit, Retry=Debug, Ignore=Continue." We are investigating the issue and are working diligently to resolve these errors. Please refer back to this alert for more information in the near future.

*Resolution*Please access CS Connect and update FileCabinet CS to 2019.1.1 in order to apply the patch to resolve this issue.

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