Dragging and dropping files out of FileCabinet CS

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You can drag and drop files from the FileCabinet CS Folders window to your desktop, to a local folder, or to a server location.

Note: Your cursor looks like this: Cursor for drag and drop when it is in a postion in which you can release the file.

Documents that were printed to FileCabinet CS are converted to PDF documents when you drag and drop them outside of FileCabinet CS. Embedded objects will retain their original file types when you drag and drop them outside of FileCabinet CS.

By default, images that you imported or scanned into FileCabinet CS are exported to their current image format. If you'd like FileCabinet CS to convert images to PDF files when you drag and drop them out of FileCabinet CS, choose Setup > User Preferences > Misc and mark the Convert images to PDF format during drag and drop from FileCabinet CS checkbox.

You can drag files from FileCabinet CS into an open message window in Outlook to attach the file. The format of the attachment is based on file type and FileCabinet CS user preference setting, as discussed previously.


  • When you drag and drop a file, it is copied into a temporary directory within Windows. The Cursor for external drag and drop cursor will not display until the file is completely written to this directory in it's exported format. Therefore, there may be a delay between dropping the file and seeing this cursor or seeing the dropped files, depending on the size of the file and whether or not it''s being converted to a different format in the process.
  • Within Virtual Office CS or SaaS, drag and drop functionality will work only from one Citrix application or window to another. For more information, see Dragging and dropping files when accessing FileCabinet CS through Virtual Office CS or SaaS.

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