Rename Client dialog

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If necessary, you can rename a client's ID.

Choose File > Rename, highlight the client, and click the Rename button. When the Rename Client dialog opens, verify the existing client ID and enter a unique new ID for the selected client.

Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password before you can open the Rename Client dialog.

A password-protected client will not appear in the Rename Client dialog unless the client is currently open in Fixed Assets CS.

Fields & buttons

This list includes all clients of the selected entity type. Highlight the client to rename and then click the Rename button.

  • To search for a particular client by client ID or name, first click either the Client ID or Name column heading to indicate which column you want to search. Then, in the field above this pane, enter the first few characters of the client's ID or name. Fixed Assets CS automatically highlights the first match in the client list.
  • To sort the client list, click the Client ID, Name, or Entity column heading.

You can limit the clients that are available for selection in this dialog. To do so, clear the checkbox for each type of client that you do not want to include in the list.

Click this button to switch between the most recent custom focus selection and the default selection for the current dialog.

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