Backing up client data in Fixed Assets

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You can back up (archive) data for either the open client or for multiple clients at once. When you back up data for a client, all of the client's depreciation data is backed up.

Note: You can also use this procedure to check out a client's data.

  1. Choose File > Backup to open the Backup dialog.
  2. Select Clients from the field in the upper-left corner of the dialog.
  3. In the Available pane, highlight the clients whose data you want to archive and click the Select button. The clients you have chosen will be moved to the Selected pane. (To remove a client from the backup list, highlight the client in the right pane and click the Remove button.)
  4. If you are licensed for and have installed FileCabinet CS, you can select the FileCabinet CS option to save the backup in FileCabinet CS.
  5. Verify that the backup location is correct. If it is not, click the Modify Backup Location button, navigate to the correct drive and path, and then click OK to return to the Backup dialog.
  6. If appropriate, mark the "Check out" select clients checkbox to indicate that you are taking the client's data home or to another location. (For information on this checkbox, see the Backup dialog overview.)
  7. When you are ready to begin the backup process, click the Backup button.
  8. After the backup is complete, click Done.

For information about restoring client data from a backup, see Restoring client data.


  • Click the words "Client ID" or "Name" or "Entity" in the title bar of either list pane to sort the list by that characteristic.
  • Use the Focus client listing group box at the bottom of this dialog to limit the clients who appear in the client listing.
  • The Exclude clients unchanged since their backup checkbox is automatically marked so that only those clients whose data has been accessed (and potentially updated) since it was last archived are listed. If desired, you can clear this checkbox.
  • If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS, you can manually back up the data to FileCabinet CS or Fixed Assets CS can be configured to automatically back up client data to FileCabinet CS. You can change this default or customize the settings for this feature using the Setup > System Configuration > FileCabinet CS tab.

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