How can I save my report options?

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You can save report options using a print profile. A "print profile" is a feature that can save you time if you need to repeatedly print the same set of forms or reports for a client. It lets you pre-define the specific reports and forms you want, in the exact collation sequence, and with the specific print options that you choose (such as which assets are to be included and in what sort order).

Later, when you are selecting reports and/or forms to print, you can select a profile as if it were a single report.


  • Profiles are client-specific.
  • Profiles that are set up in the template are copied automatically to each new client that you add in Fixed Assets CS. The template profiles are also copied to existing clients that do not have profiles set up.
  • You can transfer profiles to existing clients.

For information on saving the changes you made to a report using a print profile, see Creating and managing print profiles.

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