Transferring template items to existing clients

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Fixed Assets CS enables you to set up a template that contains common, client-specific setup options that are copied to all clients subsequently added to the application. Fixed Assets CS also enables you to transfer the template items to existing clients.

Note: You can only transfer items on the Calculation tab of the Options dialog to existing clients. Items on the Asset List and Miscellaneous tabs that you configure will affect any clients which you create after you have set up the Template client. However, existing clients will not be affected.

For example, if you add or remove a specific column on the Asset List tab, the column will appear in new clients. The change will not affect your existing clients, even if you use the Update Clients option.

To transfer template items to existing clients, perform the following steps.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  2. Click the Template tab.
  3. In the Mass update group box, click the Update Clients button, which opens the Select Year To Update dialog.

    Note: If a client is open, Fixed Assets CS prompts you to close the client before allowing you to set up any template items.

  4. In the Select Year To Update dialog, select the tax year for which you will update common, client-specific setup options for a client or clients. The drop-down list contains five prior years and one future year.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. In the Update Clients for Tax Year YYYY dialog, mark the checkboxes for the template items you want to copy to existing clients for the selected tax year. The template options are listed below and are described in greater detail in Client template options.
    • Existing associations
    • New associations
    • Existing treatments
    • New treatments
    • Calculation options
    • Existing print profiles
    • New print profiles
  7. In the clients to update section of the dialog, double-click each client to which you will copy the template items to move the clients to the Clients to update pane on the right.
  8. Click the Update button.

The selected template items are now available in the specified year for all clients that were listed in the Clients to update pane. The template items will also be available for these clients in each year to which they are closed. To make the template items available in prior years or in future years to which the client hasn't yet been closed, transfer the template items to the prior or future year.

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