Printing reports for multiple clients

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Perform these steps to print reports for multiple clients for a specific tax year.

  1. If you have not already done so, create a print profile for each client you want to print. To print reports for multiple clients, you must set up each client to be printed with at least one of the following profiles for the chosen tax year.

    • batch print profile
    • UltraTax CS client collation profile
    • UltraTax CS preparer collation profile
  2. Choose File > Print to open the Print dialog.
  3. In the Print dialog, click the Clients button.
  4. Select the tax year to print.
  5. In the Select Clients to Print dialog, highlight the clients you want to print, then click the Select button to move those clients to the Clients to print pane on the right.


    • Only clients that contain data for the tax year you selected will appear in the list.
    • Monthly and quarterly clients will print based on the processing period the client is in if you are printing the client's current year.
    • Use the options in the Focus group box to limit the list of clients by entity type and status event.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Highlight the profiles you want to print, then click the Select button to move those profiles to the Selected pane on the right.
  8. Click the Print / Spool / To Cabinet / To Drawer button as applicable (depending on which checkboxes are marked near the top-left corner of the Print dialog).

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