Printing the Client Status History Report

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To print the Client Status History Report, perform the following steps. This report contains status event information for selected clients in Fixed Assets CS.

  1. Choose Utilities > Client Listings.
  2. Click the Client Status History option. (Click the View Sample button next to the option to see an example of the type of information included in the report.)
  3. Optional: Choose a sort criteria from the Sort field next to the selected report to organize the report according to a specific characteristic, such as client ID, client name, or fiscal year end. By default, the report is sorted by client ID.
  4. Mark the applicable checkbox to select event options.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. In the left pane of the Select Clients for Report dialog, highlight the client or clients that you want to include in the report.
  7. Click the Select button. The clients you have chosen appear in the right pane of the dialog. To remove a client from the print list, highlight the client in the right pane and click the Remove button.
  8. Do one of the following steps.

Tip: Using the options in the Focus client listing group box, you can focus the list of clients available for selection according to one or more entity types, fiscal year end month, client type, depreciation end date, or event.

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