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Fixed Assets CS allows individual users to customize the way they use the application. Use this tab to change or review the settings for general data-entry options.

To open this tab, choose Setup > User Preferences and click the Miscellaneous tab.


  • Mark the checkbox next to an option to change its current setting.
  • The options in the User Preferences dialog affect the current user, regardless of which client is currently open. All users of a network system may set their own preferences.
  • These options can be changed at any time.
  • When you click OK to save the option settings in this dialog, they remain in effect until changed again.

Fields & buttons

Lists the available data-entry options. Mark and clear the checkboxes as desired. The box below provides a description of the currently highlighted option.

Note: The options set here apply only to this workstation.

By default, the Home Page appears when you start Fixed Assets CS. You can set the following Home Page preferences.

  • In the Display the Home Page field, you can choose to have Fixed Assets CS display the Home Page when Fixed Assets is first opened, whenever no other windows or dialogs are visible, or to never display the Home Page.
  • Specify the number of recently opened clients that you want listed in the Recent Activity section of the Home Page.
  • Click the Custom Links button to create your own list of links to websites, files, and folders that are displayed in the left pane of the Fixed Assets CS Home Page.

The Access via field displays the connection method that CS Connect uses to communicate with the servers at the Thomson data center, as specified in the Connect Communications Setup dialog. To change the type of connection that CS Connect uses, click the Modify button and choose the appropriate options in the Connect Communications Setup dialog.

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