Contacting our Support team

If you have questions and can't find the information you need in the Help & How-To Centre , you can contact our Support team for assistance.

Before you contact Support

You must be able to provide a specific explanation of the problem so that our Support Representative can handle your enquiry efficiently. You may want to write brief notes on some of the symptoms occurring on your computer or print out any error messages related to the problem. At a minimum, the Support Representative will need to know the following details.

  • Version of the Windows operating system that you're using.
  • Specific nature of the problem.
  • Steps that preceded the problem.
  • Whether this problem occurs with more than one client or on other computers.
  • Full error message and when it occurs.

Means of contacting our Support team

Use one of the following methods to contact a Support Representative.

  • Support portal: Check our Knowledgebase for the solution to your query. If you cannot find a solution, access the Support Portal, where you can request support via Submit Ticket.
  • Phone: Call us on 0845 180 909. Select the appropriate option when prompted.
  • Email: Send a message to

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